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SPORTS in Florence

First of all let's give a look to the major event for thousands of sportsmen as well as soccer and running fans...then if you're searching for a collection rf list of useful address to make sport and fitness in Florence you've found it: Gyms in Florence, Swimming Pools in Florence, Tennis in Florence, Others Sports Activities in Florence. It is true that in Florence you can play most of the common sports but please note that you need a medical certificate stating your wellness to practice any sport. To frequent most of the fitness or gaming centers you need to be a member, usually paying al least a monthly tichet.

(The "Fiorentina Football Club")
Sport in Florence: Artemio Franchi Stadium - Fiorentina football club

On the 26th of August 1926 is born the famous Associazione Calcio Fiorentina, the most important football team of Florence. During its history Fiorentina has always been considered one of the most important italian soccer team this thanks to its past and its victories (2 Italian Championship, 5 Italy Cup, 1 League Supercup and 1 Coppa delle coppe) and to its long presence in the Serie A (first Italian division). In the last years it has suffered a bad economic management (common to a lot of Italian teams) and in 2002, because of a financial collapse the legendary club A.C. Florentine was demoted to the serious C2 (the fourth division of Italy) for failure of the society, having even to change the name in "Florentia Viola" and to play as if it was a new team. But thanks above all to the support of the fans, that they have known how to live the difficult years (even boasting honesty: in C2 but honest!), the Florentine Calcio is reborn, reconquering first the name and then the Series A(maximum division!): on the 15th June 2003 Diego Della Valle purchases the mark "ACF Fiorentina" and on the 20th June 2004 the team is again in Series A. Its nickname continues to be 'violet' (due to the official colors: shirts violet with white strips on every side and shorts violet). The stadium where the Florentine plays its inside games it is the Artemio Franchi Stadium and it is a national monument. In fact the stadium is a jewel of the architecture planned by the ingegner Pier Luigi Nerves in 1929 and realized in two following lotteries between 1930 and 1932.

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Sport in Florence: Running and marathons in the city

Marathon running is the sport activity which best embodies the philosophy and the purposes of athletics: its fascination resides in its history and in the increasing success it is achieving all over the world. More and more people run marathons every year: they are not only professional runners, but most of them are amateurs of both sexes and of any age. In a certain way the marathon is the emblem of the modern way of living in cities. On one hand, by running marathons, people express the need to rebel against the constaints of a world which is too mechanised. On the other hand, runners want to discover their own bodies' capabilities, and they run in competition with themselves rather than with other runners. A marathon is a race which triggers a lot of emotion and a great passion. It is the chance for everyone to become protagonist.

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