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WEATHER in Florence

Are you planning to go to Florence? Which could be the best season for your travel in Florence? Summer or Winter? Here you are some usefu information about the weather in Florence, in order to give you some hints to choose at best!
Here down you can read the average temperatures in Florence and the weather forecast for the next few days!

Weather in Florence

To talk about the 'weather in Tuscany' means to generalise somewhat. Tuscany includes many different terrains and landscapes, and rules change from one zone to the other. You can be sure that July and August in Tuscany will be hot, sometimes even stiflingly, due to the humidity levels that can make both Florence and the major cities of Tuscany real hothouses.

This situation generally breaks around the day of ferragosto, mid August, when the first rains are expected and with them a beginning of temperature decrease. September can still be very hot, while October could be the perfect month to visit Tuscany - blue skies, no chaotic cities and no intense and extreme heat. But, some like it hot! November sees night-time temperatures starting to drop, with crisp Autumn days to accompany the main olive harvest throughout Tuscany. Winter in Tuscany can be quite cold and wet but spring always seems to come quickly. March is azalea and camelia time, while April and May are sometimes very wet months.

Weather forecast in Florence

Florence weather forecast for the next few days (always updated - please wait application loading).

Average Temperatures in Florence

Here's the average temperatures, maximum and minimum, and the humidity percentage in Florence listed for month.

Temperatures Max. (range) Min. (range) Hum.
Jan 4°C / 9°C -1°C / 1°C 76%
Feb 8°C / 11°C 2°C / 4°C 70%
Mar 9°C / 15°C 4°C / 6°C 66%
Apr 13°C / 20°C 7°C / 9°C 68%
May 18°C / 23°C 11°C / 14°C 68%
Jun 23°C / 28°C 13°C / 17°C 68%
Jul 24°C / 26 °C 15°C / 18°C 65%
Aug 28°C / 31°C 16°C / 20°C 66%
Sept 22°C / 27°C 13°C / 17°C 69%
Oct 16°C / 20°C 10°C / 13°C 73%
Nov 10°C / 14°C 4°C / 8°C 76%
Dec 6°C / 10°C 1°C / 3°C 78%
Temperatures Max. (range) Min. (range) Hum.
Jan 39°F / 48°F 30°F / 34°F 76%
Feb 46°F / 52°F 35°F / 39°F 70%
Mar 48°F / 59°F 39°F / 43°F 66%
Apr 55°F / 68°F 44°F / 48°F 68%
May 64°F / 73°F 52°F / 57°F 68%
Jun 73°F / 82°F 55°F / 62°F 68%
Jul 75 °F / 79 °F 59°F / 64°F 65%
Aug 82°F / 88°F 61°F / 68°F 66%
Sept 72°F / 80°F 55°F / 62°F 69%
Oct 61°F / 68°F 50°F / 55°F 73%
Nov 50°F / 57°F 39°F / 46°F 76%
Dec 43°F / 50°F 33°F / 38°F 78%
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