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Wedding in Florence, Italy

Wedding in Florence, Italy

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Florence has always been one of the most favorite destinations for lovers coming from every corner of the world on the occasion of their honeymoon, and it is only starting from a few years ago that many loving couples have chosen Florence as their favourite place where to get married

What are the reasons for choosing a wedding in Florence? Well, it is an incredibly romantic city.

Florence is a charming city, marked by a history which through the centuries left important proofs in both fields of art and culture. In Florence you can marvel at the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, besides buildings, villas and gardens which are the ideal scenery for a special occasion like your wedding day. 

Picture in your mind for a moment to get married in the famous cathedral (Duomo) of Florence and to celebrate your love in one of the most important monuments in the world, which, as few, is able to create an atmosphere sacred as much as magical. 

Otherwise, think about having your wedding celebrated in the Basilica of Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross), in the Basilica of San Lorenzo or in one of the many ancient churches of the Renaissance Florence.

In the case that, rather than a church, you would like to celebrate your wedding in the ideal scenery of one of the historical and stunning villas placed of the Tuscan rolling hills...you will be spoilt for choice then!

Wonderful villas surrounded by wide and green gardens could be the real witnesses of your most important day.

A wedding in Florence also means to have your wedding rings created by one of the most prestigious jewelries of the famous gold masters of Ponte Vecchio, it means to choose as souvenir for your guests the refined handmade creations by Florentine craftsmen and give yourself a wedding banquet rich of all the traditional specialties of Tuscan cuisine. 

But your wedding day will never be forgotten especially thanks to the city itself. The romantic and charming atmosphere in fact is maybe the most important reason in choosing to get married in Florence.

And in addition, in a few years, when you will watch your wedding day photographs, you will remember to have celebrated your most beautiful day in a wonderful city...where it's really easy to fall in love!

Get married in Florence, Tuscany


Weddings are a once in a lifetime thing.

A professional wedding photographer is an essential element in order to make your wedding in Florence unforgettable. In the future, you will have the opportunity to flip the pages of your wonderful photo album and clearly remember all the special moments of your perfect day.

Duccio Argentini is an Italian professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany. He shoots weddings in a contemporary style, a mix between photo-journalistic/reportage and traditional style.

Duccio is a skilled photographer with years experience who will make your dreams come true: your wedding photos in Florence just as you have always imagined them. As a matter of fact, Duccio’s talent will help the beautiful Tuscan landscapes to make your photos even more special.

Contact wedding photographer Duccio Argentini now and let your dream become reality:  info@weddingimages.it
For more details, visit his website: http://www.weddingimages.it

Remember your Special Day with Wedding Photographer Duccio Argentini

Wedding in Florence, Tuscany


Can you imagine a more romantic country to get married in than Italy?
With nothing but Green luscious hills, olive groves, Cyprus trees and unimaginable views as far as the eye can see.

If you are thinking of getting married abroad, Tuscany really is the place to do it. The agency Con Amore (meaning "with love" ) is a small team of creative and passionate wedding planners who have been organising weddings in Tuscany for a number of years. Our main purpose is to ensure that your dream wedding in Tuscany becomes a reality.

Contact us for more information at: info@conamore.it
and check out the website for more details: www.conamore.it

Wedding in Florence, Italy

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