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EMPOLI football team

Empoli football club from 1920Empoli football team (menaged by the Empoli Foot Ball Club) was born in august 1920 with players initially wearing red and black kits.

During the first years (from 1921 to 1925) they just played regional matches, but they soon entered the national championship, reaching the series B (the second Italian division) for the first time after the world war (1945/46). From this moment, the team's history began to have a vexed life, constantly oscillating from good to bad luck, good and bad investments; the colours of the kits changed in grey and blue first (at the end of 1930s) and then they just kept the blue colour (at the end of 1940s), which is the one they keep even now.

One of the worst times for the club was in 1955, when, after a long permanence in series C ( the third Italian division)lasting six seasons, they were shamed to sell practically all the players because of a series of unfortunate defeats suffered in the last years, from 1949 to 1955/56. In spite of its moving back, the Empoli group found some sponsors (two local clothing companies): it was one of the first time a club met a commercial label in the history of Italian football.

The history of the team is also full of coatches who contributed to her growth. Among them, Giampietro Vitali with whom, in 1982/83, it had been set a strong defending division that took just 14 goals in the course of the championship; , after 33 football seasons they reach again the series B. The series A (he first Italian division) was nearby, in fact they gained it just in 1985/86 thanks to some anomalies that caused the expulsion of several opposing teams from the championship.

But the same inquest that had given the promotion to the team, in 1987 also gave 5 points penalization to them, who moved back again to a lowest-ranking. At that moment the Empoli began to fall hand over fist, until Luciano Spalletti took the piloting of the team, in 1995/96, allowing to gain the series A again. They next lost and gain it several times, the last one in 2004/05 with the coach Mario Somma.

While, 2005/06 established for the team a series of historic records in series A: 13 wins (shredding the previous primacy of 10 wins in a single series A season in 1997/98), Francesco Tavano (seasonal top-goalscorer) marked 19 goals (Esposito had marked 14 goals in a single season in 1997/98; the 23 Tavano's total goals made him the 'prince goleador' in the history of the team in A (Di Natale had stopped to 18 total goals), passed the previous primacy of goals marked in temporary transfer (21 against 18 of the year 1997/98). In 2006/07 football year the Empoli tries to each another historic record: to keep its series A place for the third consecutive year.

The place where the Empoli team disputes the most part of the matches is the recently reorganized "Castellani" stadium.

Empoli stadiumCatlo Castellani - Empoli Stadium

Address: Viale delle Olimpiadi, 50053 Empoli
Telephone number:+39 0571 590005
Pitch size:
107m x 67m
Capacity: 19,847 seated spectators

How to get to "Castellani" stadium

By car
If taking the motorway A1 Milano-Napoli, exit Firenze Signa (the third Florence exit for who's coming from Rome, the second one for who's coming from Milan), then take the freeway Fi-Pi-Li (Firenze-Pisa-Livorno) until exit Empoli est. The stadium is nearby the exit; just turn to the left twice, then follow the road signs to the stadium (which is located about 1km far).

By train
t is easy to reach the stadium also by train. The "Castellani" stadium is placed 2km far from the Empoli's station (located in piazza Don G. Minzoni), but it is quite fast to reach thanks to the straight way connecting these two areas of the city. Just follow the road signs until the stadium (it is about 20minutes walking).

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