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PARKS in Florence

Parks in Florence: BoboliBOBOLI

The BOBOLI GARDENS were not famous until the land became the property of the Medici family, who called in Niccolò Pericoli, known as Tribolo, to design them; this artist created a masterpiece of "landscape architecture" between 1550 and 1558. Parks in Florence: BoboliThe park, on the property of the Pitti Palace, was planned to occupy a scenographic setting on the slopes of the Boboli hill (covering 320.000 square metres) and also had access from the square. The park was enriched with many Mannerist inventions by Buontalenti (like the Grotta Grande), fountains and statues by Ammannati, Giambologna and Tacca, and was eventually completed by Giulio and Alfonso Parigi (1631- 1656). The two architects, father and son, carried out the stone Amphitheatre, the unique setting for many celebrated theatrical performances, the cypress alley known as the "Viottolone" and the square and pool of Isolotto. The last additions, like the Coffeehouse (1774-76), the Lawn of the Columns (1776) and the Lemonary (1785), were later installed by the Lorriane family. Pietro Leopoldo decided to open the garden to the public in 1776. The design of the Boboli Gardens was used as a basis for all the royal gardens in Europe, including Versailles.

Address: Piazza Pitti, 1
Phone: 055 2651816
Web Site: http://www.firenzemusei.it/00_english/boboli/index.html

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Museums Reservations in Florence: Boboli Garden of Pitti Palace

Boboli Garden - Book your ticket

Visit the Boboli Garden without queuing up! - Please note: the ticket for the Boboli Garden includes also the entrance to the Silver Museum.

The Garden on the Boboli between Pitti Palace and Belvedere Fort, is one of the largest and most refined gardens in Italy, first example and model for the royal gardens of European courts.

Reserve your ticket museum to visit the Boboli GardenOpening Times: Every day from 8.15 to 16.30 in November, December, January and February, Every day from 8.15 to 17.30 in March, Every day from 8.15 to 18.30 in April, May, September and October, Every day from 8.15 to 19.30 in June, July and August
Price: Up to EUR €21 per person

Parks in Florence: Bardini GardenBARDINI GARDEN

From Boboli garden, through Costa a San Giorgio, you can visit a recently restored Garden: Bardini Garden. If you don’t come from Boboli you can enter in Via de’ Bardi nr 1.

The Bardini Garden has an extraordinary view of the Florence skyilne: its 4 hectares of park between the left bank of Arno river, the Montecuccoli hill and the medieval walls. The garden was originally a loom of the Mozzi Villa (which is still now at the entrance of the garden) in 1700 it was enlarged and enriched with fountains with mosaics. In 19th century the garden was enlarged again in Victorian style. Now, after many years disagreement for the inheritance, the intervention of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, and five years of restoration, the garden has again its original look and rich array of foliage as well as a large baroque flight of steps and six fountains with mosaics, all of which have rose borders. In the green theatre you can admire a bed of azaleas or camellias in addition to many other different types of flowers. In the agricultural area, there are fruit trees, a tunnel of wisteria and a collection of hydrangeas.

Address: Via dei Bardi, 1 rosso (Piazza dei Mozzi)
Web Site: http://www.bardinipeyron.it

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Museums Reservations in Florence: Bardini Garden

Bardini Garden - Book your ticket

Visit the Bardini Garden without queuing up!

If you don’t come from Boboli you can enter in Via de’ Bardi nr 1. We suggest to visit the two gardens in different days because even if the gardens are very good and peaceful, you will get tired after having walked so much..

Reserve your ticket museum to visit the Bardini GardenOpening Times - Everyday: from 08:15 to 16:30 from November to February; from 08:15 to 17:30 on March; from 08:15 to 18:30 on April, May, September and October; from 08:15 to 17:30 on October when legal hour changes; from 08:15 to 19:30 from June to August.
Price: Up to EUR €15,97 per person

Parks in Florence: Parco delle CascinePARCO DELLE CASCINE

The first nucleus of the Isola Estate, known today as the Parco delle Cascine, was bought by Archduke Alessandro in the mid-1500's. The estate was subsequently expanded by Cosimo I. The park's present name derives from the farms on the estate, which were primarily dedicated to cattle raising (a cascina is a barn). Since the beginning of the 17th century the park has been dominated by a majestic tree-lined lane, first known as the Stradone dei Pini and subsequently as the Stradone del Re. Under Pietro Leopoldo the park was reorganized, with the addition of gardening facilities and a guardhouse. It was also opened to the public, but only for special events and Ascension Day. It was conceived of as an essentially wild area whose only fixed structure was a hunting lodge built by G. Manetti in 1786, where the Archduke and his family could stay. The following year, in occasion of Archduchess Maria Teresa's wedding, all the old buildings were demolished.Parks in Florence: Parco delle Cascine In the second half of the 18th century Archduchess Elisa made the park public, thus giving the city a vast green area very different from the gardens within the courtyards of the city's palaces.The Archduchess also had a new entrance added to the park at Porta al Prato, where the Baluardo del Serpe was breached and a wide road avenue built to the Arno. At the same time, the street that paralleled the river was straightened and paved. In the 19th century the gardens of the Cascine were laid out in a romantic style, and looked very different than they do now. Also, in the course of the 19th century large areas of the park were transformed into sporting facilities, including racetracks.

Address: Parco delle Cascine
Opening Times:
always open
Ticket: free

Parks in Florence: Giardino dell'IrisGIARDINO DELL'IRIS

The entrance to Florence's Iris Garden is located where Viale dei Colli opens into Piazzale Michelangelo. The garden has more than 2,500 varieties of the flower that has symbolized the city since 1251.

Address: entrance from Piazzale Michelangelo
Opening time: open from the 2nd of May to 20st of May (Monday-Friday: 10-12,30; 15-19. Week-End: 10-19)
Phone: 055 483112

Parks in Florence: Giardino delle roseGIARDINO DELLE ROSE

In 1865 the City of Florence asked Giuseppe Poggi, the architect who masterminded the restructuring of the future Capital of the Kingdom of Italy, to turn his attention to the left bank of the Arno. Poggi had the city buy about 2.5 acres of the hillside above Porta San Niccolò (upriver from the Ponte Vecchio) that Rose Garden, Poggi's terraces towards the end of the century. It was May 1895, during the annual Festa di Belle Arti offer a magnificent view of the city. The which is patterned after similar French gardens, was planted on opened to the public in delle Arti e dei Fiori organized by the Society and the Italian Horticultural Society.

Address: viale Giuseppe Poggi 2
Opening Times: suggested to visit in May
Phone: 055 2625342

List of Historical gardens open to the public in Florence and its province:

Boboli Garden
Address: Piazza Pitti, 1
Opening times: every day (except Monday) from 9,00 to 16,30
Phone: 055 218741
Ticket: 6 € (3€ reduced)
Book your ticket!

Botanical Gardens
Address: Via P.A. Micheli, 3
Opening times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, from 9,00 to 12,00
Phone: 055 2757402
Ticket: free
Web Site: Orto Botanico

The Garden of Palazzo Medici Riccardi
Address: Via Cavour, 1
Opening times: from 9,00 to 13,00 and from 15,00 to 18,00 - Sunday from 9,00 to 13,00 - (Closed Wednesday)
Phone: 055 276.01

Giardino dell'Orticultura
Address: Via Bolognese, 17
Opening Times: from 8,00 to 20,00
Phone: 055.483698
Web Site: http://brunelleschi.imss.fi.it/ist/luogo/giardinoorticultura.html

The Garden at Villa della Petraia
Address: Villa della Petraia, 40 - Località Castello
Opening Times: Every day (except Monday), from 9,00 to 16,30
Phone: 055 425691
Ticket: free
Web Site: http://www.polomuseale.firenze.it/english/musei/petraia/Default.asp?

The Garden al Villa di Castello
Address: Via di Castello, località - Castello
Opening Times: Every day (except Monday), from 9,00 to 16,30
Phone: 055 454791
Web Site: http://www.polomuseale.firenze.it/english/musei/villacastello/Default.asp?

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