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Pazzi's conspiracy: Giuliano de' MediciTo Piero de' Medici (known as the gouty person), Cosimo's son, succeded (1469) the two sons Giuliano and Lorenzo, which became the Signori of Florence. On the 26th April 1478 the Florentine family Pazzi ploted a conspiracy against that of de' Medici, to the purpose to get the political supremacy in the city. The Pazzi were a rich family of bankers of the Florence of the Renaissance. The conspiracy had the support of the pope Sisto IV, who was interested to appropriate some Florentine territories that had always withstood him. Actually the pope Sisto IV contemplated to demolish the dominion of Medici and for this purpose he sustained the groups Florentine antimedicei, led by Pazzi's family which had replaced de' Medici in the office of bankers of the Holy See… But the history has even more ancient roots: Lorenzo de’ Medici had been warned by the Duke of Milan that there was already a conspiracy against him since 1474. It was even stipulated a secret essay against Lorenzo among Pope Girolamo Riario's nephew, the king of Naples, Federico da Montefeltro and de' Pazzi's family. Medici knew about the threat and it is for this reason that the conspirators entered in action in the church. Giuliano and Lorenzo de' Medici were attacked during a mass in the Cathedral of Florence. While Giuliano remained killed, Lorenzo could avoid the blows and he closed himself in the Sacristy. In the meantime the other conspirator Francesco Salviati, Archbishop of Pisa, reached the Palazzo Vecchio with a group of other men while Jacopo de' Pazzi tried to rise up the population against de’ Medici and he tried to conquer the Palazzo Vecchio but without result. Lorenzo is saved among the exult of Florentine people, more and more tied up to de' Medici's family. Thanks above all to the support of the population the epilogue of the conspiracy was painful for the Pazzi's family and for their allies so much that within few times from the trap the conspirators were thrown from the window of Palazzo Vecchio. Francesco de' Pazzi was hung to the third window of the Loggia dei Lanzi and also Francesco Salviati, his brother Jacopo and other priests conspirators suffered the same fate. Piazza della Signoria became the theater of a dismal revenge. The episode ended up rather consolidating the dominion of de' Medici's family. From this moment Lorenzo de' Medici became "the needle of the balance" in the Italian politics in virtue of his diplomatic dowries and politics.

Pazzi's Conspiracy: the Pazzi family's coat of arms
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