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Die Informationen sind der Universität von Florenz entnommen und momentan nur in englischer Sprache zugänglich. In Kürze werden wir Ihnen die gewünschten, aktuellen Informationen in Deutsch zur Verfügung stellen.


Foreign students and graduates can enrol in corsi singoli (single courses) if they want to attend one or more courses within the individual degree programmes, except in those programmes defined as numerus clausus, up to a maximum of 60 credits (CFU) per academic year. Non-European Union citizens residing abroad will need to produce the following documents at the Italian Consulate/Embassy in their country by 30th August 2005 (or by 31st December 2005 for the second semester):

  • request for admission addressed to the University of Florence, indicating the University of origin and the courses they intend to follow;
  • document issued by the University of origin, stating the student’s qualifications (university enrolment/degree certificate), translated and authenticated by the Italian diplomatic delegation;
  • two signed photographs, one of which needs to be certified by the Italian consular, stating date and place of birth, nationality and permanent address.

By 31st March 2006 students must complete their enrolment request at the "Ufficio Polo" of the faculty of their choice. In order to do so they will have to:

  • complete the application form (modulistica per i corsi singoli), also available at the Ufficio Polo.
  • pay the application fee: euro 172 plus euro 11 for each course credit (CFU). If they obtain a scholarship through the above Italian Consulate they’ll be exonerated from any tuition fee.
  • present copy of the residence permit as non-tourist issued by the Foreign Bureau of the Florence Police Headquarters (Questura).

European Union and Italian citizens and non-European Union citizens legally residing in Italy can present the request for admission directly to the Ufficio Polo by 31st March 2006.

Non-European Union students residing abroad need to demonstrate a good command of the Italian language. The date of the test will be published by the "Ufficio Polo", after the enrolment.

Enrolled students need to demonstrate that they have attended courses by having the professor of each individual course sign and stamp the record-book which is issued to all students.

Examinations on the courses attended by corsi singoli students will be carried out by the same examination panel as that which examines regularly–enrolled Italian degree candidates.

Students may apply to the Ufficio Polo for certificates which state that they were regularly enrolled, attended classes and passed examinations, indicating final grade.

Visit the Universities Administration Offices for foreigners, with the list of all "Ufficio Polo" of the University of Florence.

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